PSU affects CPU temp? [i5-2300]

31 degrees C room temp.
-i5-2300 + stock cooler/ idles at 40 C + on gaming load 60 C (72.6 degrees C Temp limit)
-GTX 550ti on load + fan low 64 C/ on load + fan high 47 C
-Kingston HyperX T1 2x4gb ddr3 ram
-PSU: stock 550 watt

I have a xps 8300 case (i think mid case) with one fan in the back next to the I/O panel* right under the psu. bad cooling already :( and I also just cleaned the dust out. it is also placed in a somewhat enlcosed space, with surface on the two sides, but open space infront of and behind the case.
I know that my graphics card is well within it's limits (100 C being max), but i'm worried about my CPU. It runs very hot 60 C on full gaming load. However, I found that the hottest air leaving my case is by touch ^.^ via the PSU exit. In case you didn't follow, the air comming out of my psu is very hot. I'm not sure if the psu is affecting the CPU temp in anyway. I wonder if my back fan isn't pushing enough air or if my psu is overheating due to my GPU & CPU wattage consumption or if i just have shit airflow.

I'd really appreciate if u guys can give me your opinions on what is causing this heat and what I should do to solve this issue.

thank you, friends! :D
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    60C is not really that hot on the temps if you don't have great ventilation, which seems to be the case here.

    As for the hot air you feel, that is your PSU heating up, means its probably a crappy unit and on top of that drawing hot air out of your system.

    Increase ventilation and you will be fine.
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