I have a few questions about building a pc

Hey guys, in the next few days im goIng to be building a gaming PC. There were a few questions I had and it would be great if you guys could help me out.
1. Windows 7 or Windows 8
2. Is getting a SSD worth it? And if so what would u install onto it?
3. Is it generally hard for someone to build a PC? This would be my first time.
4. When would be a good time to install windows? I heard its bad to do it right away and that I should get all the drivers I need first.
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    1 I personally prefer 7, but 8 is alright, just play around with 8 at bestbuy or something and see what you like, there is no real winner there.
    2 An ssd is always a good choice, you would want to get a small one, and a large hard drive. It makes loading and boot times so much faster so its worth it, you put the operating system and games/programs you use alot on it
    3 It is actually very easy, I built my first rig (this one) at the age of 16, which I still am. Plus this site has so much valuable info, you can get all the help you need here.
    4 You can get the drivers first, I installed windows right off the bat after finishing and got all the drivers once I finished windows. Its somewhat easier to get the drivers first, but you can get the drivers after no problem.
  2. 1. I prefer Win 7, but then again I've only been using for almost 2 year. I've been using Win XP from 2002 to 2011. I never bothered looking at Win 8.
    2. Depends. If you want you PC to boot up as quickly as possible and you want games or specific programs to launch faster then you install those on the SSD. The SSD will not improve frame rates in games.
    3. It is generally not very difficult to build a PC if this is your 1st time doing so. There are many Youtube videos on how to do so. You can also ask questions in this forum. I built my 1st PC many years ago. Long before Youtube was even in existence. I relied reading a short guide.
    4. I install Windows as soon as I built my system. Once fully installed and the internet connection is working properly that is when I download drivers.
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