Dell computer does not recognize keyboard and mouse after hid update

My problem is similar to Fion 50's failure of keyboard after hid updates : "I used Driver Maxx to update my compter drivers. Before this my wireless keyboard and mouse worked perfectly on my machine{Dell GX620 XP Pro SP3} , After the HID update my computer loads Windows and takes me to the log in screen , but with no keyboard , no go . I have tried 2 other keyboards {usb} and the lights work on them but nothing else. HELP! "
I have a dell optiplex same as her optiplex 620 but when i installed hid and mouse updates as well as driver updates to my AMD processor my keyboard and mouse stopped working, PLease help,
Email me at
Please I need assistance. I am familiar with computers and any advice would help.
I am considering calling someone to fix it, or asking a kid from my college campus in the computer sci major to help me for $15
But if your advice would help I would give you the $15.
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    How long did you wait to see if they started working? At times Windows can take a few minutes to detect a usb mouse and keyboard? Try starting the PC in Safe Mode, then get the drivers for the motherboard from Dell, not any 3rd party software. Install them, then remove the mouse and keyboard from the systm and reboot. Wait a bit, then try them.
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