No Video on Boot with New Graphics Card Installed

About two years ago I built a computer with the AMD A8-3870K APU. I'm now trying to install a discrete graphics card to use the dual graphics feature the APUs have.

I installed a Gigabyte ATI 6670 in the PCI Express slot and have tried connecting it via both HDMI and VGA, but there is no video output. If the graphics card in installed, the motherboard doesn't output any video either. I have installed the card in another computer and it booted fine there, so it isn't DOA. I don't think it is a problem with the power supply output either as the power draw of the 6670 is roughly 65W. This graphics card does not require a direct line to the power supply.

Current Build:
AMD A8-3870K APU
Rosewill Stallion 450W PS

Gigabyte ATI 6670 GPU
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