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100% active disk usage

hi, anyone can help me with my toshiba Satellite P875-S7102 ?
drive 0 (c:) is always randomly 100% usage and it slows down my pc, it lags and hangs. the win8 OS doesn't crash(death bluescreen).
i just have to wait to wait for 15-40 minutes everytime for it to work normal. but in the process the disk usage doesn't specify what causes the 100% usage. my laptop is updated and i already tried factory restoring it but still no avail.
i tried all this forums but still no avail.
i'm sure that my hard drive is in good condition.

please check video link and screenshots. for more details
YT video:
Db screenshot:

please email me, or comment on the youtube video.
thank you
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    I think it has something to do with your hard drive's transfer rate, by transfer rate i mean its read/write speed. You did an excellent job by adding screen shots of the task manager, i was just about to ask that. As you can see, your hdd's transfer rate is only 2.4 MB/s while average drive provides about 35-41 MB/s(Average response time is more than 5k usually its within 500-1000). I think your drive has bad sectors so in partition C. That's the cause of slow transfer rate or your drive maybe dying, it would be better to buy a new one and back up important data as soon. you might be thinking what this transfer rate has to do with OS hanging?
    Let me tell you when OS boots up, it transfers all (copy) system files from HDD to your RAM (running memory) at fast as possible (usually @ 35-41 MB/s) but in your case its doing all this @ only 2.4 MB/s. So basically it takes time for OS to load properly also the files, coz they are taking time due to slow transfer rate. And i don't think a third party program to repair bad sector will work either. They only work for a day or two then situation will be even worst. So better buy a new drive.

    Good Luck
  2. If you use uTorrent, then close it and next time run it as administrator. This worked for me.
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