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So earlier tonight I tried running prime95 to do some stress testing on the cpu. I had CPUID hardware monitor running on the background so I could monitor temps. Ended up around 58C before I shut things off, but what im concerned about was the readings after I shut it down. Temps seemed to hover on core 0 at around 53C and didn't seem like they were coming down. After a system reboot within less than a minute of seeing 53C i'm immediately down to 28C idle. Anybody have any ideas for this? Is there something else I can monitor a liquid cooled setup for temps with?
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  1. It would be helpful to know the CPU.
  2. Sorry Intel I-7 4770k
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    I'm assuming you know this, but 58C is fine, and yeah, it should drop after you shut the test down. Are you sure you shut it down and didn't just minimize it?
  4. I suppose it's possibly, but I didn't see it in my tray anymore and didn't see the program in task manager.
  5. Just try it again, and make sure Prime95 shuts down the test.
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