Intel Core i7 quad core 3632QM processor

Hi all

I've been looking at this laptop

Acer E1C17 15.6 Inch 500GB 6GB it has a Intel Core i7 quad core 3632QM processor.

I've been trying to find some info on it as it seems cheap (£499) for a i7 based on other prices of other i7s. I can t find anything about it on the acer website or other websites.

I've tried looking up the processor which seems to hav come out in late 2012 but looking at the page below, the price says n/a which looks weird as most of the other processors have a price by them.

Does this laptop look like a bargain at £499 or is it best to leave it?


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    hy markmh.that cpu looks and is ok,even for some gaming.the price of the laptop is also quite good here is the problem:if you are buing the laptop for some gaming thing,don't bother...the ''graphic card'' in that laptop won't let you play ''big things'',but the cpu it's ok,and i can see the laptop comes with 6 gb memory which is all right.If you are buying it for photos,movies,surfing online,company business, and personal things...that laptop will suit you!
    My conclusion:if you don't want that laptop for gaming,you have a little beast in it!(the only thing who will draw you back is the graphic card,and here we are speaking strictly for some serious gaming).
  2. Thanks for your reply, I was looking at using it for games like Rome total war and football manager. Games such as call of duty and others similar I won't be playing on this.

    Mainly it will be used for business/photos/videos

    Thanks for your reply

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