Help:Want to make a Box on which i can run Virtual machines and servers

I am looking to make a box on which i will be primarily using for my Lab where i will be installing Virtual Machines , and testing SCCM2012 (Infrastructure Management tool) i will be installing server OS , client OS etc on these VM .
Please guide me on this , i am little confused:
Regarding Processor i am confused between AMD FX 8350 or Intel i5 3570k(Please suggest me which would be better) and suitable motherboard.
My Budget is around 40K(INR)

Please help me on this
Thanks in advance...
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    We run 4 VMs (1 x XP-Pro w/SQL server & Visual Studio for product development, 1 x XP-Pro and our accounts package, 2 x Linux development) on our venerable Debian server with VMWare Player - 16GB RAM and an ancient Phenom I 9650 quad-core CPU.

    CPU isn't that important imho - as long as you have enough cores to devote to the tasks in hand, personally I'd go for the 8350. We've found that enough RAM & overly fast storage are more important. VMWare Player has been 100% stable for us for several years, though we do make several backups a week just in case ;)
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