Windows 7 restart splash screen freeze

Dear all,

i built a brand new PC.

During the whole assembling the mighty god of geeks was not really on my side.

The power supply failed after the first couple of boots, once it was replaced I finished the build.

I installed windows 7 professional. Things looked good. Installed chipset drivers and gpu drivers. Once everything seemed to work I plugged in the additional 2 HDD disks and an additional optical drive.

However, now I realize that windows very often freezes at the splash screen.
It is not always and I can always (at least so far) boot windows in safe mode. i tried this auto-repair tool, which didn't solve a thing.

So I went to the system to check for unknown devices. Found one, checked code and it was solved with a download from the motherboard producer. Problem fixed? No, windows still blocks often at start-up. it seems that it happens more often after "restart" than after full boot. Could be my imagination though. It definitely happens after either

Now my question: Could it e hardware related? I do not recall this problem during windows installation. After installation i connected:

Case fans (4* case fans 2*2 Daisy chained directly to PSU )
1* additional SATA cable for optical drive
2* SATA cable for the two storage and backup HDD
1* SATA cable for e-Sata on the case front panel

Do u yee a potential candidate for problems here? i mean none of them is really relevant for the boot, right?

So my plan now would be to unplug those last added components and verify that the problem persists. Would you recommend this?

Should I just reinstall windows?

I would greatly aprreciate your help!!!!

PS: The two HDD are 3 TB, windows sees only 2TB. Could that be the cause? I know that i have to reformat them in a new format, and will do that but i prefer to dig into those things once everything is up and running.
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  1. Seems like my answer didn't post!

    I would try a fresh install with all your devices connected. See how that goes first.
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    When you are talking about windows freezing at the splash screen does your mouse pointer in fact move when you push the mouse.?
    Windows is trying to figure out the two 3 Tb drives that is why.

    As to why the 3 Tb drive only shows up as 2 Tb is because it needs to be formatted to a Gpt type partition file system, windows 7 only supports just over 2Tb in drive sizes in NTFS formatting of drives.

    You need, or must have an up to date motherboard with a UEFI bios.
    If you have format both the 3 Tb drives using Gpt.

    I suspect that is your problem and is the cause of the freeze.
  3. No mouse pointer, the windows logo stops its animation cycle, so it really freezes, its not just an endless cycle.

    I used a ASUS Z87 plus motherboard. I updated the Bios. So that should be an UEFI right?

    So all I have to do is format the NTFS into GPT?

    Both disk are non OS HDD. The OS (Win 7 64bit) is on a separate SSD

    Is GPT formatting done like any other formatting in the disk utility or is there something i have know?

    If it helps: the system is absolutely stable once i manage to boot successfully

    Thanks a lot for all the help!
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