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Please help me with procedure of how to make cabling of cat5 cable (crossover and Straight) i am a new here and need some help please
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    I take it you have the cable and the RJ 45 connectors.

    And you also have an RJ 45 Crimping tool for the RJ 45 connectors.

    If so the follow the links bellow for the wiring of a Straight cable, and a crossover cable.

    Click on the link bellow with diagrams and pin assignments of each colored wires to the RJ 45 connectors of each end of the cable.

    Crossover wiring is also there.

    The A and B standard are the wiring color codes used by America or British standards.
    They do the same thing, just the wire colors are changed. Not the pin numbers too the RJ 45 connector. Both work the same a a straight through or crossover cable.

    The guide on the link bellow tells you what to do step by step, and the tools needed.
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