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I am going to RMA my Mobo tomorrow (pls help, So before I RMA, I will have to remove my CPU and CPU cooler. The CPU has thermal paste on it. Where is the safest place to store my CPU? I still have the packaging for the CPU, but with thermal paste on it, I doubt it is safe to put it there
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    You need to remove the paste with isopropyl alcohol and lint free cloth then store it in the original packaging. Clean the heatsink as well. You have to apply new paste when you reinstall.
  2. Ok I'm gonna try removing my thermal paste using my alcohol swabs. Then I'll place it in the packaging. Thanks!
  3. A fellow diabetic? LoL
  4. popatim said:
    A fellow diabetic? LoL

    I'm not diabetic..

    I just like having these stuff
  5. alcohol swabs are good to have around with your private little med kit. its good to have one in an emergency. :)

    and do what i did, wrap it gently in a napkin and put it in a sandwich bag LOL
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