Need help choosing a new graphics card.

Need help choosing a new graphics card. Well i am not terribly knowledgeable about graphics cards so go easy if i use the wrong terminology or such. My current card is a Nvidea Geforce GT 630. Which from what ive searched around is not a good graphics card and is in fact a pretty bad one.

So here are the computer specs
CPU: Intel I7 3770 3.4 ghz
Graphics cars: Nvidea Geforce GT 630
Ram: 12g DDR3
hard drive: 2tb
Motherboard: Acer Predator G3620

Im not off the top of my head aware of what the power supply is but if necessary i can open the computer and see.

So im wanting to spend around $300 for a new graphics card. I am wanting a pretty good card so if i cant get something that will run high end game really well would be willing to go up to $400. My main concern is if the motherboard can support a different graphics card but since it currently has an Nvidea one in it im inclined to believe it should not be to hard to switch out.
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  1. gaming resolution & location?
  2. Power supply is important to know, spending $300 on a GPU and it not getting enough power = bad ssoo open her up check the psu see how much watts it got check 12v rail AMPS and post back. from what i can tell i bet its a cheapo 400w PSU... not something you want running high end GPU's if it is..
  3. 1920x1080 and location is United states so the price is in US currency.

    Power supply is 500w not really sure what the 12v rail amps is or how to check it.
  4. within 300$ i suggest the 7970

    the 7970 will smokes most games wasily at that resolution
  5. Im not expecting to get 100fps on every game but i do want to be able to play game such as crisis or the witcher 2 well.
  6. Best answer
    650w Corsair PSU
    GTX 770
    HD 7970

    personally il go with HD7970 with that corsair PSU, but if price is a concern
    HD7950 OC edition

    with Corsair PSU is great build, plays BF3 max settings at 60+fps :D

    you need a new PSU, a bad PSU can lead to a dead GPU... , happen to lot my mates using cheap PSU lacking wattage on high end cards and burned out PSU and GPU... cheap psu also lack over-voltage protection just in case a surge hits and it can then lead to a whole PC fried ..
  7. Well the suggested graphics card and the psu will run about $400 so i can handle that. Now i just have to make sure everything will fit ok in the tower i have.
  8. Ravirn said:
    Well the suggested graphics card and the psu will run about $400 so i can handle that. Now i just have to make sure everything will fit ok in the tower i have.

    smallest HD 7970s are Gigbyte wind force cards, all though if you want to overclock then best look for reference card no aftermarket cooler. if not then choice is yours in branding sapphire is great and make solid cards . the 650w Bronzed TX psu by corsair is enough juice to power any single GPU card and its pretty reliable due it being corsair and corsair make best Power supply's , if you want try look for a HX600w or HX650W if you want more piece of mind.
  9. yeh Sapphire HD 7970 OC with boost is great card, my friend has HD 7950 OC with boost version and its reallllyyy solid and its one of most sexyist looking coolers iv seen, the sapphire logo glows with white LED behind it, i went with gigabyte HD 7970 OC 1ghz on core but stock memory clock , and 3 fans are great. price was perfect for me at the time , out all cards gigabyte had highest OC with voltage lock. so i went with them and i think i made a good choice, i don't plan OC my GPU's , day i need OC for more FPS is day i need new GPU upgrade simple as that.
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