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So I just got a new monitor; an AOC 12269vw. I have it hooked up with a DVI cable to my Radeon HD 7850 which is in my home PC running a fairly fresh installation of Windows 7 (reformatted and installed within the last week).

The problem is that even set at it's suggested resolution of 1920x1080, the displayed screen image is not using the full monitor space available. I have about 1cm of black border around the left, right and top of the screen image.

I had a similar problem when testing my HDTV using an HDMI cable on the same PC. On my TV, the 1920x1080 desktop was slightly too large. I was able to fix this and fit the image to the display perfectly by altering the over/underscan setting in the AMD Vision Engine Control Center. However, this option does not seem to appear in my AMD settings when the monitor is hooked up.

For reference, when I first hooked up the monitor I was running the latest drivers/software released by AMD:
Display Driver ver. 12.104
OpenCL(tm) Driver ver. 10.0.1124.2
Catalyst Control Center ver. 2013.0328.2217.38225

I have also tried with the beta drivers offered on AMD's page as well, with no improvement. Thanks for any advice or tips to help me resolve this. I just want to get the most out of my new monitor!
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    • 2mm ultra-narrow bezel for a virtually borderless appearance

    key word here is the 'virtually', the panel itself doesn't extend all the way to the thin strip that acts as the bezel, only the front glass does. So it looks cool only when it is powered off.

    And as you found out already the over/underscan setting only works on the hdmi output, DVI is pixel perfect from the start so no need to adjust it.

    here is one of their pr photos
  2. Oh, well that explains it. It just looks really strange. the screen really looks like it should be able to extend. Thanks for the prompt reply.
  3. you're welcome.
    I don't personally like that design or the fact it is advertized as 'ultra thin bezel', since the actuall bezel is a lot thicker than the desing would imply, they're cheating basically...
  4. Indeed, the image on the monitor's purchase box is also misleading, and displays an image which stretches all the way to the edge of the glass (significantly farther than the one you posted above), with text and stylized arrows pointing at the "ULTRA NARROW BORDER".
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