When i up cpu voltage my pc crashes?

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I am currently running an fx4100 with a gigabyte g878lmt-s2p on an Antec Earthwatts 500w PSU and can overclock it from 3.6 to 4.3 however i have to up the voltage to to 1.49 for it to stay stable which seems extremely high, anyway if i up the voltage anymore then windows will blue screen on the desktop, im not getting overheating problems (running liquid cooling) so is the problem my power supply? (also may need to note that my GPU is a gtx660 non ti that isnt overclocked)
Many thanks!
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  1. I think its because the cpu can burn
    so its safe to hold it so it won't crash
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    The first you should do is check your temperatures. That's the most probable problem.

    Otherwise, check the voltage limit of your processor, you can't put any voltage you want. There's a safe-voltage for each CPU, you can damage it if you exceed it.
  3. for anyone wondering about this I went to windows 7 from 8 and i can overclock it a lot more! windows 8 was the problem!
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