Strange Static Noise from PC speakers and a USB Speaker

Hello there,

I've searched far and wide for a answer but as of yet I'm kinda stuck.
I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to record my bass and guitar.

On my guitar speaker you can hear this really loud static come strange out of space outs, worse so if I move my mouse no matter what the volume.

On my bass speaker you can't hear anything ( static wise ) unless you turn the speaker on full.

My pc speakers are the same sorta deal, if you turn them to 0% on the speaker itself there's the strange static, same if you turn them up to full.

My specs are as follows:

Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4
AMD 10 black edition
Focusrite Scarlet 2I2 interface ( acts like a second sound card )
8gb of ram
Some old HDD from my old pc
OCZ 750 Watt PSU ( brand new)

The things I've tried:

Moving the USB connection for the 2I2 around from the back, front ect.

Disabled the driver itself.

Disabled ALL audio.

Played with Volume settings

Thanks in advance for your reply's !
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  1. Sounds like a possible ground loop issue. Is everything including the guitar and bass amp and pc and speakers setup on the same powerbar/power outlet?
  2. Getochkn: Yes they're connected via the same power outlet. But they're on two different power bars. I have a surge breaker/protector on my pc and the bass speaker is hooked up to that one & I have another just plain multi-socket extension next to it.

    I'm getting the feeling a DI unit might be in order ?
  3. So the bass doesn't buzz and its hooked up the same power bar as the PC, but the guitar speaker and PC speakers buzz and they are not hooked up. Try plugging them into the power bar and see what happens.
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