Would it be ok the remove the side panel of my case?

Hey guys!

I recently built my first computer (, and I'm am really enjoying it so far!

But my GPU get really hot while playing some games, so I was wondering if I could take off one of my side panels (till I get some more fans)?

I'm guessing this would cause more dust to build up? How would you clean this?

Thank you so much!
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  1. What temps is the card hitting?

    Generally removing the side hurts airflow and won't make a difference. How many fans and in what orientation do you have?
  2. I have 4 120mm fans (2 stock, 2 ARCTIC F12 []):

    To psu fan is pointed to the bottom of the case. And the gpu fan also points downward.

    I think the gpu got up to about 51C play Trine (and I want to be able to run better games then Trine :) ).


    ps I'm using SpeedFan to see the temps.
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    51 is cool. Don't worry unless it goes up past 70. people would kill for their GPU to run that cool. You have no problems at all.
  4. Really? Awesome! Speed fan had a fire symbol when it passed 49 (, so I though I was in trouble.

  5. I would not worry about it. there you can see that their test card hit 80 degrees and never shut down. You are perfectly fine. Don't worry about anything.
  6. I got a question too, BOTH side pannels?
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