CPU speed jumping randomly in stress test [HELP PLZ]

Hi, I am using an AMD phenom 9650 CPU, My computer has been a bit jumpy (changing between being fast and then seconds later being slow) at late, so i got some software (core temp, CPU Z and Prime95) to do some CPU torture tests, whenever i do them my core MHz jump from 1200 to 2400 and back again every 10 seconds or so.
I think this is a problem, but i've come here to see if this is normal or if my CPU is damaged in some way.
Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Could that be the "Cool and Quiet" technology? I know my intel i-5 changes frequencies based on demand. I think yo ucan disable this feature in the bios. Might want someone with more experience to chime in though. This is just my guess.
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    It could be the Cool'n'Quiet changing clock speed depending on load change. AMD cpus aren't as smooth with clock change from idle <-> load , so try to see if you see drop in performance when the more performance is needed. That would be a sign of a real issue.

    First, check the BIOS for the Cool'n'quite options that you may be able to change around (set to default, if not sure). Try to set the Power Options to "High Performance" and run prime95 to see if you see any drop in performance. The clock should be always running high with this setting. After that, set it to "Balanced" - check advanced setting to see min processor state (default 5%), max processor state (default 100%). With this setting prime should be hitting 100% nearly the entire time the program is running.
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