HDD in sata external case is not working in windows8

I Have a old Netbook from packard bell with windows xp, later i upgrade to windows 7, now the netbook is not working, then i bought a external case for the hdd, then i connected to my new pc windows 8, when i connect the light on the case is on and system detecting the new hardware and its showing in device manager as a usb mass storage device,but not showing in my computer the hdd
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  1. check in disk management

    control panel / admin tools / computer management / disk management
  2. from disk management you can initialize it or assign it a drive letter, whichever is needed.
  3. Some external cases are configured with 4KB LBAs.

    What do you see in Disk Management? Can you show us the contents of sector 0? You could use a disc editor such as DMDE for this purpose.
  4. what OS was the old netbook running?
    If you are trying to recover files windows might not able to see the format of the old drive.
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