Goal:Running Next Gen games at >30 FPS, 1080p, mid-low settings, for as many years as possible

My specs are in my signature, please help me out. I was thinking of getting 7950 3GB
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    That would be a good purchase, especially since the recent price drops, but you'll want to upgrade in about 3 years.
  2. The 7950 would do you well. Though, the next line of AMD cards are supposedly coming out in October, so that's something to keep in mind.
  3. Everyone agrees with me :(

    But seriously, everyone agrees? :D
  4. I would wait for next series coming soon.
  5. What is your budget? That really is the determining factor. The bigger the budget, the longer you can go without upgrading. I'd say the highest you may want to go for a price/perf card that will last years, may be a 7950, but there are definitely cards lower than that, that can achieve your goal.
  6. 7950 is about my max budget
  7. zivlaks said:
    7950 is about my max budget

    then why are you asking?
  8. I was thinking of getting 7950 Powercolor PCS+ , is that one a good choice? I like that it's quiet.
  9. ^+1, I would never go with Powercolor unless the price was ridiculously good. $240 for a 7950 is great ($220 after the rebate, which is a prepaid MasterCard).
  10. I like the powercolor one because it's super quiet and they're the same price. I never plan to overclock
  11. Power colour ain't bad, for best temperature you should go with sapphire or msi
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