Everytime I come to university dorms I cant connect to internet unless they reset the router, looking for another solution.

I had a break from summer school and went home. I was able to connect wirelessly to internet at home. I have just returned to university. I'm not able to connect to internet via LAN(this is how we normally connect to internet at university dorms), I get the error "Windows can't communicate with the device or resource(primary DNS server)". I'm able to connect to internet wirelessly via my roommate. A few weeks ago this happened and when the IT resetted the router I was able to connect to internet again. I'm looking for a solution that can help me now as I won't be able to reach anyone from IT right now and this connectify wireless connection isn't stable.
I appreciate any help.
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    If the issue is at their end, nothing you can do. You can try to do an "ipconfig /release" and then an "ipconfig /renew" command at a command prompt. Then do an "ipconfig /flushdns" command.

    Another option is to manually set the DNS server to a public one. Try google's and for secondary.
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