Need some help choosing between different builds!

So I've narrowed down my build to three different options: ($1300 budget build) ($1700) ($2700 high-end)

I was wondering if you guys could go through my builds and give me tips and feedback? I am looking for tips as to things like whether or not paying the extra money for the more expensive build is going to be worth it? Also, if you have any recommended changes to a certain build. Although mainly I just want to make sure that my build will fit on the motherboard and inside the case itself and also if there is any room for expansion inside and if it will support it. Basically any tips or recommendations you can make are going to be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  1. Hard to tell as we've got no point to compare on. Some builds got screens, others don't, pricier builds with a few cheaper parts... I'll need you to rebalance it if you want me to give you my opinion.
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    How do you plan to use the builds? Gaming? Video/photo editing? Web browsing? General productivity? What is your native monitor resolution?

    Honestly it would be easiest for everyone to give good advice if you fill out the template linked here.
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