ASUS Z87 Deluxe no boot / does not enter bios

Hi everyone, maybe the combined knowledge of this community can point me to a solution:
I installed the Z87 deluxe board, 4770K processor, 4x2GB of Corsair RAM. When I boot, the board goes through the usual checks, MB, RAM, PCI-E are checked and the LED turns off. However, the LED for the BOOT_DRIVE remains lit and the LED display on the motherboard gives me the error code EC80. The ASUS manual does not say anything about this. The message on my monitor is: "BIOS is updating. Do not shut down or reset the system to prevent system bootup failure."
I remind you that this system has not yet succesfuilly booted and since I cannot enter the BIOS, I remain stuck. No boot drives are attached, the extra grafics card is not attached, the system is at a bare minimum. I checked the seating of the processor - ok. Clearing CMOS, removing the battery etc. has no effect. I am out of ideas. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Hi, Try firstly the Flashback.
    If still the same, I would return the board.
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