Dual boot issue with "old" and "new" windows 7 OS on 2 drives

I have an old WD raptor 36GB HD that was my original Win7 OS. Since, I added a SSD and installed Win 7 on it. Since then, I have had a dual boot menu to load the SSD win 7. That is all fine and good until I wanted to recently remove that Raptor drive for another SSD. I cannot boot Win7 unless that drive is there. I have searched and read around, but have not had a specific answer that is simple. So far, I believe my best option is to use EasyBCD. All I know is that I want the SSD Win 7 be the boot drive and the old Raptor (which was the boot drive) become expendable so I can easily add my 2nd SSD. Any assistance on how EasyBCD will help me do this or a better way would make me very happy.
Thanks All, Robert
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    Installing Windows 7 with another HDD installed during install sort of "marries" the drives together as it gets tied into the bootloader information I believe. Someone should correct me...

    At any rate you have a couple options:

    First you can just tell Windows to boot straight to your SSD and not prompt you by navigating to:

    My Computer properties --> Advanced tab -- > Startup and Recovery --> System Startup

    From here you can choose the default OS and uncheck the "Time to display list of operating systems"

    If this doesn't work for you then EasyBCD is the next best choice.

    I haven't used the program in recent months to recall exact directions but the software is very straightforward. There should be documentation easily found on Google.

    Try this for starters:

  2. Well, I am halfway there. I used EasyBCD to disable the boot for the Raptor drive and now my machine boots right into the SSD version of windows 7. I swapped out the Raptor w/ SSD and it will still not let it boot even when in BIOS the SSD is set to the boot device. Somehow the booter still thinks the Raptor HD still has to be there in order to boot Win7.

    So the next step is to find a way to make the I drive (SSD) win7 be the default bootable windows drive and to basically say, Ignore the C drive (Raptor) windows. I hope that aybe even EasyBCD can do that. Please help me finish this HD swap.

    Thanks All,
  3. First ensure your SSD is the ONLY disk drive

    Boot into a Windows 7 boot CD of any kind so you can get to the disk utility Diskpart

    Either a Windows 7 recovery disk or install disk. (During install hit Shift+F10 to get a command prompt)

    Or follow this for a detailed guide:

    When you get to the command prompt enter these commands:

    select disk 0
    assign letter=G
    G:\Windows\System32\BCDedit G:\Windows
    G:\Windows\System32\BCDedit\Shutdown /r /t 0
  4. Actually, EasyBCD did it. I read through all of the documentation and found that if you go to the page, all you have to do to set a specific windows as the initial bootable one is to select BCD Backup/Repair -> Change Boot Drive -> Perform Action Button -> Select the HD that has the windows you want to boot, in my case I drive, not C drive. Once you do that action, it writes the BootMgr to that HD. It does not hose the other drive though, you can still go back to the C drive if you want. Then shut down. Remove C drive (raptor). Start up machine and go into the BIOS and select the SSD or I Drive that you just converted as the boot drive. Save settings and Voila, a bootable machine to SSD only and no more needing the OLD raptor drive in it. Now you/I can install the new SSD in its place :)
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