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Hello, I have a Windows 7 HP computer with a ST375052 8AS SATA Hard disk drive. As the title describes, at random times I'll hear a clicking sound like a light going on and off or a lever being pushed on and off, This will indicate one of two things, usually it will crash my computer and leave me with a bluescreen. I'll then run a diagnostics only to find that apparently the boot path is to blame, with the message that I need to turn off my computer and verify the drive cables are securely attached. Even though I can just give it some time and it won't click and crash on bootup of the computer. The second thing is that if I'm lucky, All of my programs will become irresponsive and pause immediately for about 5-10 minutes, then the clicking will stop and everything will return to normal. I've snooped around and having a hard drive failure on my PS3 just a few weeks ago really gives me sense that the hard drive is failing, but the problem with my PS3 is that it had bad sectors, the hard drive was fine... I backed up my stuff onto another drive and really would like to know what you guys think it is.
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  1. clicking == bad. replace it.
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    well i would use the seagate seatools to test the drive cliking means the head is hitting the side of the drive pivot in and out so it could fail anytime .
  3. You checked it for small woodpeckers? If so, then replace the hard drive. It's going bad.
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