what is better for playing and recording games the amd fx series or the intel core i5 processor?

im sorry if this seems repetitive but i couldnt find a thread that answered my question specifically
im planning on buying a desktop from newegg and i am going to use it for gaming and recording i will be recording games from steam, league of legends, and minecraft maybe even some other games i was wondering which processor would be better the amd fx series processors or the intel i5 processors as well as what else i should look for. also when i am recording i dont want to expirience loss of fps and i want to be able to run skype or teamspeak or even mumble when i am recording.
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  1. i would say when it comes to gaming a top of the line i5 will beat 8350 in gaming due to good single core performance of an i5
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    Recording games can be CPU intensive because you are more or less encoding video which itself is a pretty intensive process. I generally recommend a 6 core or 8 core AMD FX over an Intel CPU in this situation.

    For games that only use 2 cores an Intel Core i5/i7 will actually be the better choice since 2 cores will be used for the game and 2 cores can be used to encode your gameplay. For example, I sometimes encode movies (2 pass method using x.264 codec and only 2 core affinity setting) when I play Skyrim with my Q9450. I notice no difference in performance whether I am encoding a movie or not. The reason why you get better performance in Skyrim with an Intel CPU is because they are more powerful than an AMD CPU at the same clockspeed. At stock speed you will have lower performance in Skyrim if you were to choose AMD over Intel.

    However, when it comes to games that uses 4 or more cores, then this is where AMD's 6 core / 8 core CPU can have an advantage when playing games and recording at the same time. The vast majority of games released still only use 2 cores, but there are a few popular 1st person shooters that can make use of more than 2 cores like Crysis 3 and Battlefield 3. Therefore, any game that uses the Frostbite v2.0 or v3.0 can potentially be capable of using up to 6 cores. The same can be said for CryEngine 3 as well; both Crysis 2 and 3 uses the same engine, but Crysis 2 only used 2 cores and it didn't really care how powerful the CPU was as long as it did not slow down the GPU. Crysis 3 can use up to 4 cores, and performance can increase with more powerful CPUs, it's not as dependent on the CPU like Skyrim.

    So to conclude, a FX-6xxx / FX-8xxx CPU will most likely suit your needs since you plan on recording gameplay. If you were to simply play games, then the quad core i5/i7 without a doubt.
  3. encoding a video in the background is far from running fraps and capturing 1080 while gaming. I normally say i7 for this but the 8350 does well for a $200 processor
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