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First and just to be clear. I am a complete novice, but am almost finished with a first build. I have a Sabertooth Z87 motherboard and a corsair H80 CPU cooler. The fans for the H80 are plugged into the central H80 heatsink and that is plugged into a USB connector on the motherboard. So nothing is plugged into the CPU Fan, thus generating a CPU fan error on boot. Have I hooked it up wrong or is there a way to ignore the CPU fan as it goes through boot up?

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    There should be a three pin connector with only one wire. This is intended to report RPMs to the CPU so that there is no error. If you have mistakenly plugged this into the pump/sink assembly, no harm done, just move it.
  2. Thanks. I will take a look in a couple of hours when I get a break.
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