The driver has stopped responding and has recovered successfully.

My HD 5670 now crashes on me whenever I open a game, the screen freezes for a few seconds then goes black, I can alt-tab to windows fine and read the message in the title but the game is now a black screen.. the things ive done:

-New windows install

-Tried the latest driver

-Tried an older driver

-Tried the driver that came with the installation cd

nothing works.. so is this card finished?
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    the reason you get this error is the card is crashing. whether it is a driver or an overclock that is not stable the card is crashing. Now if you are not overclocking the card I am willing to say the card is bad. Since you have tried new and old drivers we can eliminate that as an issue. If the card is at stock settings the card is bad.
  2. I admit I tried to OC it by increasing the frequency but it wasnt stable so I left it at stock speed, could this really crash a card permanently??
  3. potentially. Most times the driver or system will crash and be fine but it could have hurt the processor or the ram on the card. If you are at stock speeds and are still crashing then the card is bad.
  4. Well this is the last time I overclock anything, lol. thanks for the help.
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