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i wanna build a new pc next week n had stuck with the 2 cpu i.e i5 4670 n 3570k . M not luking for o.c ,but i need the hd 4*** with the cpu . I liked 3570k , but many reviews said like its not a good performer compare to the haswell n also nt future proof. The 4670 has the hd 4*** graphics and cost almost same as 3570k in my country. The 4670 with 4g mobo costs $50 more in my country . So I just wanna know that spending $50 on haswell , is it worth it ? Also if I go with 3570k , will it create any problem in future? I mean is it future proof ? I need pc for gaming , photoshop editing n movies .
Thank u all in advance .
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  1. look i would say go for a 4670k


    1.better performance a 4670k performs a 5-10% more than a 3570k so a 4670k @4.3ghz would be equal to 3570k @4.5ghz
    though haswell generates more heat and so not a good overclocker than 3570k but the performance diff makes the way for 4670k
    2.future upgradability a 1155 socket is a dead socket so no scope for future upgradation to latest cpu though intel has delayed broadwell and there wud be a haswell refresh for 2014 so u ll get the benifit of future upgradability
    3.better pcie 3.0 controllers throgh haswell
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    The reason one buys a 'K' suffix cpu is to be able to overclock.
    Considering the 5% price premium and the 20% performance boost, I think a 'K' is a good idea.
    With a conservative OC, the 4670K will slightly out perform the 3570K. 5% perhaps.
    When overclocked to the max, they are comparable.
    I would not focus on the type of integrated graphics. Either will play HD movies and do normal desktop work.
    But for gaming, you will want a strong discrete graphics card anyway.

    Who knows what the future will bring? The Z87 chipset is better than the Z77, and socket 1150 for the 4670K will support future 14nm broadwell chips, so I imagine it might be more future "tolerant".
  3. If not OCing then the Haswell platform is the better option.
    More native Sata III ports, USB3 ports and more pci-e lanes. These along may out way the OC advantage of the IB - But that's an individual determination.
    If Overclocking, the 3570K would allow OCing while your i5-4670 would NOT and many who say No OC change their minds.
    The E6400 was Fantastic as an Overclocker and the i5-750 was great, But as you moved from the SB->IB->Haswell the percentage of Overclock to base freq has decreased.
  4. 3570k = $219 on newegg.
    4670k = $229 on newegg.

    For $10, get the newer tech
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