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Hi Guys,
I have a USB Modem that I use for internet and it works excellent now the thing is I want to share the Internet between three computers. What hardware is needed and how setup that kind of connection please guys I am desperate.

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    I'm assuming those computers can't sit in the same room and have cables between them. Let me guess, at least one of them is a laptop and will move around.

    You could get a wireless router and make sure at least two of the computers have wifi (buy add-on PCI-E cards if their motherboards don't have it already).

    Edit: contact your ISP about this. They know what kind of modem you have and what works best with their service. They can recommend a router. Expect to pay $100 to $200 for a good wireless router and maybe another $20 to $50 for each wireless card if needed. Configuring the router can be tricky, and the ISP should help you with that. Well, mine did, at least...
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