Buying a new laptop: i7-4700mq + gtx765m vs A10-5750M + HD 7970M


I'm looking to buy a new laptop, it's gonna be for intense working and gaming.

I have to choose between those combinations:

i7-4700mq + gtx765m vs A10-5750M + HD 7970M

I did a bit research and it seems that the HD 7970M is better card than the nvidia, but of course the i7 outperforms the amd processor.

Which configuration do you guys think will give me more performance? (think gaming)

Thank you very much!
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    I am assuming that is the laptop with the A10 + HD7970m.

    As you can see the A10 is a clear bottleneck for that graphics card and I agree with Anandtech that it is not a smart buy.

    Get the I7 + GTX765m, its the more balanced option that will give you the more consistent experience.
  2. The results from some GX60's show that it has more 3D grunt than other laptops in the gaming area.

    Agree a more powerful CPU could be used ,but the FS1r2 may be held up by the mainboard chipsets -Hudson on the South & Northbridge chipset being the AMD K15. shows that these CPU's have room to move in the future and out perform the Asus and other machines of similiar price and spec,these machines are not $3K+ they are only around $1K.
    A CPU with 6 cores with HT type of support would be great.

    Even with 1866 ram these machines dont show much improvement which could also be an issue with the chipset and mem controllers.

    These machines should come down in price but increase in performance in the future ,MSI and others will sell well if the
    HD7970M is driven by more processor and a faster controller chipset.
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