Will a XFX AMD Radeon 7950 HD 3GB be Bottlenecking?

When I get my new XFX AMD RADEON 7950 will my components be bottlenecking the card?
CPU:FX 4170 Quad core
PSU:Winpower+Plus 550W
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  1. That cpu will be bottlenecking it at stock speeds. If you can overclock it then you should, should be in the clear. The Phenom II x4 965 is a slightly better cpu and slightly bottlenecks that card.
  2. Only if you're playing at maxed out settings on lower resolutions. If you play on high at 1080p, unless it's a real PC meat grinder type demanding game (Crysis 3, etc.) then you should be fine...if you bottleneck it wouldn't be enough to make a difference in your gaming.
  3. Say I add a AMD FX-8350?
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    FX 8350 won't bottleneck 4 HD HD 7950 is easily doable...
  5. Thanks! I guess Ill pick up a AMD FX-8350 and a XFX 7950
  6. Thomas Sim said:
    Thanks! I guess Ill pick up a AMD FX-8350 and a XFX 7950

    Not with that power supply you won't. Those power supplies sell for anywhere between £ 7 - £ 15 and aren't really able to tackle the demand an 8350 + 7950 combo would place on it.
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