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So I spend a lot of time playing video games (mainly pc) I have had the turtle beaches x12 for about a year and I think it's time for an upgrade. So what's a good headset that will be better then the x12s for 100 dollars or less. Also just some extra info I have no sound card so take that into consideration. Thanks in advance
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    corsair, plantronics, and steelseries all have decent budget models that get the job done. obviously all will sound better when paired with a dedicated dac but they'll still sound ok w/o one.

    from high to low:

    Corsair Vengeance 2000

    Steelseries siberia V2

    plantronics Gamecom 780

    best of luck and happy gaming
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  2. Siberia V2 is arguably the best in its price range. The surround sound is solid, and the condenser mics have surprisingly good noise cancellation.
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  3. Audio cards according to this video are just a myth
    First off a sound card as they say in this video is no better than on board audio
    He said "The wire running up to the front of your computer is like and antenna"
    This would explain the sound problems with the front panel audio connectors
    He also says to plug it into the on board audio and you actually won't notice a difference
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  4. This is the highest rated best selling headset on Amazon this season 2014 under $100 (actually sold out currently)
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  5. Hyperx cloud
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  6. HyperX Cloud or bust. The only decent gaming headset under $100 there is. The rest is cheaply built stuff that is overpriced.
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