how much space to leave on a 80gb hdd

how much space should i leave free on a 80gb hdd so that performance won't slow down?
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  1. Most of the time you want to leave like 30% of the space free. In your case, around 24 GB.
  2. You can actually fill a mechanical drive almost all the way up. You need to keep 20-30% of an SSD free so TRIM works correctly. Having an 80GB hard drive that is likely 10 years old or more is hurting you more than the drive being full. You can get a modern 1TB drive for around $60. It will be several times faster than any 80GB drive. You may actually have an ATA drive though and they don't even make them anymore. SATA has been the standard almost 10 years. If it has a wide ribbon cable it's ATA. A small cable means SATA.
  3. I usually tell people not to go below 15% as that is the minimum needed for defrag to work properly. About 12gb on a 80gb drive.
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    If you are concerned about performance, you may wish to consider a NEW DRIVE.

    While SSD's are great, you can get a 500GB hard drive for $60 that would be far better than any 80GB HDD.

    Also, if you have an 80GB HDD it's age makes it more likely to fail. I replaced several 80GB HDD's in laptops with 500GB HDD's.

    *Newer drives tend to use the "ADVANCED FORMAT" feature which can cause issues with cloning (or backup/restore) from a non-advaned drive to a newer advanced drive.

    I "successfully" cloned from an 80GB HDD to a 500GB HDD but got a couple weird errors. I ended up having to do a complete reinstallation of Windows.
  5. is it possible to take out a laptop hard drive and put it in a desktop?
  6. D-Dubz said:
    is it possible to take out a laptop hard drive and put it in a desktop?

    Yes, In fact I have a 2.5" SATA Hybrid drive as the Master HDD in my desktop right now. Usually you need to buy mounting kit, but with some creativity I found my own way to mount it. But the SATA and Power connections are the same. Not sure for older PATA drives though.
  7. D-Dubz said:
    is it possible to take out a laptop hard drive and put it in a desktop?

    Yes, as answered above.

    To be clear, if it has Windows on it you need to FORMAT that to erase all the data. You can't move Windows drives between PC's and keep using Windows (except rare cases).

    If you're buying a new drive for your laptop to replace that 80GB, you may wish to consider the Seagate 500GB SSHD for $80. Awesome, awesome product.

    It combines a 500GB mechanical hard drive with some SSD memory. I looked at all the reviews and benchmarks. It's truly amazing. It remembers what programs you use most frequently (such as startup) and assigns those to the SSD portion.
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