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    this report the minidump in plain text
  2. Strange thing is that there are no files found in the mindumps folder. I've comfimed that Pagefile is enabled. I did a crash test and that produced a minidump.
  3. could you raise the size of the pagefiles or let windows decide to use what it need .
  4. Right now it is checked marked at "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives". Is this not the right setting?

    I have 16GB of RAM installed.
    Hard drives installed are a 120GB SSD and a 2TB normal hard drive.
  5. did you install a software lately that could the one who made the event .
  6. The problem may have been fixed now. Two days ago, I opened disk cleanup and saw that there were 900MB of data under well one of the system error files options. I had the tool cleaned it out and since then, I haven't seen that particular event ID again. There were some windows updates downloaded at that time too so that could also be the reason.
  7. hope it solve it come back if there is anything else there always be someone around to help you .
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