Windows XP Desktop screen freezes and Audio goes into loop

I don't know anything about computers, that being said my computer is having some issues and i'll try my hardest to describe with accuracy.

System: Windows XP Version 2002 Service Pack 2

Any other information can be provided because I'm not sure of anything that needs to be provided. Any way my computer gets very random freezes (although they seem to be getting more frequent.) and along with that the audio goes into a loop, stuttering until the whole system has to be shut down manually. When the freezes occur our computer doesn't let us accesses any other programs. I have no idea what could be wrong with it, any help?
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  1. first did you try to get sp3 it will correct a few bug .
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    There's no doubt that a system that's seven years out of date will give problems. SP3 and the subsequent 130+ updates is a crucial addition to an XP installation and if you want to carry on using XP after its End of Service date next April, you will need to update it.

    You should also run Checkdisk to find and fix any hard disk errors. Use the command line syntax chkdsk /r to find and fix any bad sectors or clusters.

    I'll move this to the XP sub-Forum where you might get other suggestions.
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