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I have a dell 570 with a 4gjjt AMD motherboard and AMD athalon ii x2 250. I was going to upgrade to a AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black edition but it jumped up in price, would the AMD FX -4130 be a better substitute? I have an AMD HD 7700 and a 600w psu already.
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    The motherboard in the Dell 570 is a socket AM3 and the FX-4130 is an AM3+ socket so it will not work in that motherboard.
  2. what is the motherboard name and model in this system you also have to check the tdp and the socket base if your board could handle it ,with full details on all of them it is easier to help you .
  3. Maybe no 'cause I wonder whether this mobo can sustain 125W CPU. (250 has 65W TDP) And I have no idea whether your mobo is AM2+ or AM3

    U could go Athlon II X4 645 (95W TDP) for safety:

    FX-4130 is Zambezi CPU and suffers from low performance and low efficiency. Plus it's an AM3+ CPU so it won't fit your mobo. (Even Phenom II X4 performs better than FX-4100)
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