First Build SSD OS and HDD for storage need help

So my first build went together with no issues my OS and a couple games that I wanted are on my SSD which is a Samsung 840 120g. Now i have installed my 1TB HDD Seagate 7200 rpm but i dont want my SSD to be used to save anything from now on including games or storage of music pics etc. How do i accomplish this?
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    When a dialog box comes up for a save, just direct it to the HDD.

    Btw, did you do the necessary changes required when installing an OS to a SSD? This tutorial will help you avoid pitfalls, avoid wasted space, and let you gain some speed from it.
    You may want to start over with a fresh install if necessary.
  2. Games - for Steam games, you can install te client on your HDD. Then you can tell the client, in Settings, where exactly you want the games to install

    Music, Pics, etc:
    Create a few folders on the HDD MyDocs, and subfolders of MyDocuments, MyMusic, MyPics, etc
    Move anything in your current Library locations to those new places
    In Libraries, right click on Documents, select Properties
    Click Add...
    Add the location you created above
    Click on "Set Save Location"
    Now, those new locations on the HDD will be the default.
  3. Wow i have been really impressed by how helpful and friendly everyone is on this forum. thanks for all the help both of you
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