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Can't find 2.1 speakers option in Sounds setup

I have 2.1 multimedia speakers system
two speakers and one subwoofer

now i can't find the option of 2.1 in my sound setup in win 7 64
there are only those settings

there is no 2.1 so what should i do now ?

note: i have the latest update for my sound card realtek

this is the pic of the problem as you can see there is no 2.1

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  1. 2.1 IS stereo. Your subwoofer is working, isn't it?
  2. What model speakers are they? How are they connected to the computer?
  3. i tried the stereo and yes subwoofer is working good

    i have poor model ^^ i can't tell it's name but they're connected i think by cable or Y-adabter
  4. another thing .. now i installed K-LITE CODEC MEGA during installtion selection
    i chose Stereo 2.1 not 2.0 that's right ?

    cuz it showed me a message says:

    that if you have a speaker set that has a dedicated subwoofer so you must choose 2.1

    but if you have a subwoofer that connected to your pc alone by cable you choose 2.0

    i can't remember the message correctly but i think that's it
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    If you have a single cable connected to the sound port on your PC, yes you have 2.1.

    2.1 refers to the left/right channels or speakers (the 2) and a subwoofer (the .1) on one cable.
  6. It means that if your 2.1 system has a single stereo input you set the pc to 2.0. You would connect this with a single stereo cable.
    If your 2.1 system has separate left/right/sub inputs you set the pc to 2.1 and connect with the above and a 2nd connection to the sub out of the sound card.
  7. I confirm that if you have a 2.1 stereo, ie two speakers and a sub woofer, using a single lead in, the current OS is NOT identifying the subwoofer, dropping it or one of the speakers.
  8. 2.1 is NOT stereo. It is 4.1 with an electronically simulated set of rear speakers. Using a stereo driver with a 2.1 sound system flattens the sound, and NO, the woofer never gets involved at all. I had mine working after I updated to WIndows 10, but it took a long time to find the driver, but Windows 10 replaced it two months later, after I had forgotten how to fix it. In the past I have been able to use a 4.1 Dolby setting, and everything worked, but WIndows isn't being fooled by the emulation firmware, and won't play the rear channel unless it sees the speakers.
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