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I just bought a (ibuypower) erebus xl from my friend who was moving and I do not know anything!!! about liquid cooled systems. Like how often should I drain and refill the coolant and also ow often should I take the whole cooling rig apart and clean it if I need to at all and well i don't even know how to take it apart. Please help I'm at a complete loss.
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    about draining and refilling, thats up to user preference(just dont leave the liquid sitting there for like a year and a half or so untouched). as for cleaning it from dust and such, compressed air or a datavac would easily dust out the system. no need to really clean the actual block(you will only remove the blocks generally if the thermal paste has dried up or you need to remove said chip for a certain reason)

    if you want to minimize changing tubing all the time, be sure to get tubing that does not leech alot of plasticizer(Primochil Advanced LRT for example is a commonly used tubing). Tubing dulls in color after time, some tubing lasting longer than others.
  2. Hey thanks a lot I think I just got overwhelmed by the setup nut after what you said and reading up on WC I saw it was not extremely hard if you keep up on it I disassembled it over the past 2 days and just hooked it back up and it runs fine no leaks and no air bubbles thanks again :)
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