HWiNFO showing high temp

So I am quite concerned here. When I opened HWiNFO to check my PC temps under the ITE IT8772F chip for temp 1 it's reading 199°C
That can't be right can it?! Also Temp 2 shows 32°C
Dell Inc. 0Y2MRG Motheboard
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  1. Post a screen shot please.
  2. All these temps are while just browsing the web with firefox.
  3. Try Speed Fan and post a little big screenshot of the software and not your full desktop please.
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    The temps are ok. When you read some abnormal temps it means the censors of the MB is not working, or the software cant pick up the censors on MB. So nothing to worry about, you are fine. The temp3 which is reading 128C I think this is the PCH and its inactive so reading the wrong temp. Good luck.
  5. OK that's what I was thinking too. Thanks!
  6. You are welcome.
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