Best SLI GPU setup on the market right now

Title describes it all. What is the best GPU setup using SLI? I'm deciding between titan or 780, but I want to know for sure before making the purchase of $1,000,000,000

This will be used on three monitors
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    it would have to be the 2 way SLI on the 780 as its the sweet spot for as three would only boost your fps by 5-9fps and in some cases it might even lower your fps but and this is a big but if you had to go for a 3 way SLI it would have to be the Titan as there is a significan jump in fps and heres some of the charts:,18.html,19.html
    and if you had to have the three monitors you could do it with 2 GPU its a bit more complicated and it would be more simple with 3 GPU's
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