Built this system and all games are running slow Help

Built my system about two weeks ago with the following components and it lags like crazy in all games 10 to 15 fps, sometimes it will spike for a sec to like 60 then down again. My specs and things ive tried.

In win G7 Case
I5 4570 3.2 Haswell
8GB Corsair Vengence 1600
MSI GTX 660 twin forzer non oc
Corsair HX 650 PSU
1TB toshiba sata 3 7200
ASrock z87 extreme 6

At first I tired tons of different drivers all the way back to the 306 and up to the new beta 326, no real differences. updated VBIOS AND BIOS MB. For two days I ran test and different drivers no difference. So its time to find the defective component right. Well non were I check all and tested them all in different systems.

Thought the card might be defective. Tried it in my other system runs perfect all games maxed out 40 to 60 fps smooth perfect.
Put it back it my system.
Tested memory in other systems then tested with memtest86 no problem
Replaced MB with z87 Asrock extreme 6 still same thing.
Replaced PSU with HX650 still lags.
Tried reinstalling windows on a fresh drive same thing lag
Tested processor for 6 hours with hot cpu test and other programs checked out fine.
I give up already.... Ive spent so much money and time replacing parts and still the same thing. Ive built lots of systems and never had this kind of issue it makes no sense. I really need some professional help/opinions from you guys. These components are all compatible correct. Please Help! Do I need to do something with the new processor seems like it lagging cause of it.
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    Download a monitoring program to see what GPU usage and core clock is, its a common issue with Nvidia cards that they don't come out of the their 324Mhz idle clock, thus the horrid performance.
  2. did that at load it runs into the 1100s
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