Bios Questions about 1155 motherboard and installation question.

Hello everyone!

I am installing a more powerful CPU in my motherboard. I am switching my i5 2500 and getting a Ivy Bridge 3770 Processor. I recently updated my bios. It says on the manufacture page. It says that I don't need to update my bios if the number is higher. My bios has the most recent update which is way higher. So pretty much when I install my new cpu I will not have to update my bios as the same number that manufacture is displaying? i7-3770 (3.4G,L3:8M,iGPU,4C,HT.VT-d,77W,rev.E1)

I spent alot of time rebuilding my computer. This is only my second time putting a processor in. So pretty much all I do line of the notches and arrow and I am all set? I am always nervous when I install a processor.

Thanks for your help its much appreciated!
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    If u have the latest bios past the original release to support it ur good. And yes exact things to do to install the cpu, any other way it would even get pin contact and if u forced the retention bracket down well then ur using alot of force and will break more than just the cpu so rlly the only way it goes in lol. Installing the cpu is actually one of the easiest things to install, even tho its one of the most damageable at least on the amd side and the motherboard pins on the intel side.
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