Cooler Master Haf XM Air cooling setup

Hey guys,

So i just build a new system wil the Cooler master haf xm.
Now... what i want to do is upgrade the air cooling on it.
Problem is... i do not know that much about fans.
So these are the specs of the case
Now...i see there i can mount 2x 120 mm fans on the HDD cage... but it says 120x25... uhmm dose that mean i have to find specific fans and not all 120 mm will fit ?
What fans to buy ? some people say static pressure is most important in a fan... what is the specification that indicates this static pressure ?
Or should i just use high CFW fans ? ... Noctua ? Corsair ? and witch fans and why ?..... i know i ask alot of questions :D That is because i want to understand more about fans.

What would you do to upgrade the air cooling of this case ?
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    The HAF XM is a decent case and is designed with High Air Flow in mind.Even with only the 3 stock fans, this case runs cool why do you want to upgrade the cooling if i may ask?
  2. To obtain better temperatures , especially for the VGA card
  3. o.k. well hopefully some members will respond soon good luck!
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