Need Desperate Help With Choosing Gaming Laptop

hi im from new zealand and i need a good gaming laptop.

here are some questions i filled in, regarding my budget etc
1. Budget: $900-$1000USD
2. What are you planning to do with it. Games? Etc. BF3, minecraft, planetside 2
3. How big should the laptop be. doesnt matter
4. How light/heavy can the laptop be and how long should the battery last.
Note: doesnt matter

ive been looking at some asus ones but the one ive been looking at has an intel hd4000 integrated graphics card, ive heard they arnt too well, can they run bf3 etc and how good?

Also please please if possible I prefer links from AUS or NZ sites because they are more conveniant, but i dont really mind!

Here is a NZ shop that I use, can anyone please take a look and tell me if theres anything good?

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  1. Please help!
  2. Well i could buy overseas but its just the hassle of shippiing ans having to apply for a quarentine warrant soni guess it does have to, but im sure many laptops in USA will be available in NZ
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