What is bottlenecking of CPU and gpu

How does it affect ??
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    Bottlenecking means one slower component slows another fast component down. So if you have a fast cpu but slow GPU you're bottlenecked by the GPU in games.
  2. A good rule of thumb is your graphics cards new price should be a at least a little higher than your cpu to make the most of your processor . Many games will not max out your cpu so dont be afraid you are wasting money on your graphics card if you spend a bit more.
    For example; If I bought a £90 i3 cpu I would want to spend at least 120 on something like a gtx650 ti to get the most from it. Putting in a gt440 would
    limit the gaming experience.
  3. How is fx 6100 and gtx 760
  4. I have CPU and going to buy gpu
  5. That's fine but try to go for a FX-6300 / FX-6350 as that's the new architecture.
  6. I will upgrade my CPU later this years and thanks for reply .....
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