PC Builders Worst Nightmare! Help!

i just turned my new 1500$ Gaming pc on for the first time and SMOKE started coming out of it!, i shut it off the second i saw it was smoke, what do i do? what do you think the problem is? when i started the PC it took a couple seconds and it started booting into the bios, then smoke and i shut it off fearing the longer it smoked the more damage it would cause

PC Specs
intel core i5 4670k
evga gtx 770 super clocked acx 2gb
coolermaster hyper 212 evo
gigabyte z87x-ud3h
1x8gb of corsair vengeance ram
western digital 1tb black
Samsung 840 series 120gb
rosewill fortress 750w 80 plus platinum
fractal design define r4
asus pce-n15 pci-e adapter

also if anybody knows where i can go get my pc looked at that would be helpful, fml
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  1. Well maybe you didn't take the plastic protector of the CPU cooler? Maybe something is shorting out? Open up the case and take a look where it comes from :p.
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    There is a chance it's just something burning off something, dust or something. Does anything looked burnt? Where was it coming from? Might want to take it all apart and look, then put back together. Make sure nothing is shorting or rubbing.
  3. Could be something short circuiting.
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