5760x1080 display problems (over all)

Hey Guys.

So I have the new Gigabyte GTX770 and I love it, however i'm having some display issues im hoping i can grab a hand with.

First of all, on startup, the windows logo and mobo logo come up on my left screen (mind that this is a triple monitor setup)

I don't know why this is, but it seems to link up with the desktop, and by that i mean, pretty much every program i open opens on the left screen. Even if I right click chrome (pinned on taskbar), menu will come up top left of left screen - Now, my start bar is in the middle screen, and does not span accross the other screens, so I find this very odd.

Now, sometimes I take advtange of the amazing nvidia surround, however sometimes I want to just game on my middle screen, and have skype/google on outer screens - the problem occurring here is that the game fits perfectly on middle screen, but leaves outer ones blank, like I can't see my desktop - I believe once I read somewhere this is to do with all the screens acting as one. I want to know how to toggle this, because the next problem is, full-screen anything, goes accross all three screens, steam, youtube, you name it, youtube will stay on other screen but other two are blank. I want to be able to go fullscreen, just for that screen - know what I mean?

Cheers Guys :)
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    I can't answer how to make a program launch on a certain window. You will have to disable Nvidia Surround and use Windows display settings if you want a fullscreen window to stay on one monitor or to use the other two while gaming on one. Surround treats all three as one monitor so there is no way of keeping Nvidia surround on and doing what you want.
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