Performing the upgrade of a GPU and PSU

Hi, so earlier this week I posted about the parts I am buying for the upgrade. Since these forums were so helpful in deciding those, I decided to ask another question to do with the upgrade.

How do I do it/go about doing it?

What do you recommend is the easiest and safest (and hopefully simplest?) method of changing out a PSU (as I envision the rewiring of the PSU is the hardest part, the GPU sounds more straightforward, though advice on that would also be welcome)?

I have made sure that the PSU comes with all the necessary connectors in order to hook up to all of my existing components and the new GPU, so all the remains is for me to perform the upgrade when the parts arrive tomorrow.

So what do you all suggest? Thanks in advance for any answers!
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    Changing the PSU is quite straight foward, as all the plugs/connectors are made to fit only one specific socket.

    The motherboard needs the wide 24-pin connector and either a 4- or 8-pin cpu-power connector (usually located in the top left of the motherboard).

    Molex/sata connectors fit Harddrives and other peripherals and those plugs are fool/idiotproofed and can't be plugged in wrong.

    The graphics card will need power from the connectors named something like "pci-e or pci power".

    It's quite simple really - the hardest part is to route the cables and strip them down to ensure good airflow through the case.
  2. Thanks for the answer! I do sound like a n00b now its pointed out... but is the routing and stripping difficult? Is there a specific way to do it? For example, what most improves airflow?
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