120mm LED performance/quiet Fan?? Cougar, Enermax, ... or no LED?

Hey guys,

I'm looking for some 120mm LED case fans.
Obviously everyone wants performance while having the case fans running quiet.
Has anyone used any 120mm or possibly 140mm LED case fans that perform well and are quiet?
These fans listed below caught my attention, but everybody says that the stats posted on the official websites shouldn't be trusted. (apparently cooler master fans have a bad reputation for that stuff in terms of fans?)

1.) Cougar dual X 120mm

2.) Cooler Master Jetflo 120mm

or Non-LED

3) Corsair SP120

4) Artic F12 Pro PWM

I personally want to buy LED fans, but if performance& sound differ too much, then I will consider Non-LED fans.
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  1. Quiet LED , the Cougar.I own the Green ones.
  2. I also have a green cougar and it is pretty quiet, I certainly didn't hear it over my other fans. Non-LED I would go with Noctua, those Corsair's are okay, I got a 2-pack and one had a bit of a whine for a while but it has gotten better.
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    I am using Arctic F12 (non-Pro variant) and F14 fans for my case fans right now. They move a lot of air, and rate the quietest fans I have used thus far. I like them a lot, especially since they are affordable, and have the ability to "daisy chain" the connections.

    I purchased a Cougar fan just the other week, and am giving it a go. It's a Vortex type, not a Dual-X, but the performance difference across the board is only something to split hairs over. It is not quite as quiet, at least at full tilt, but it does seem to work a tad bit better. The overall design strikes me as something more robust, and I honestly wouldn't mind having more to experiment with.

    I also have some Enermax fans, which are also really good, and can come with LEDs. These are roughly on-par with the Arctic F12s, but, like the Cougars, are slightly louder at full tilt.

    I have a Corsair SP120 coming in the mail that I have yet to get hard numbers from. A lot of people like them, and reviews look upon them favorably. There is the general consensus that, especially at higher RPMs, they can be quite noticeably loud. The Corsair AF120 series, which are meant more for being used on a case proper, is also meant to be a bit quieter.

    TL;DR - Go ahead and go for the cougars. They fit your bill fairly well, and it's hard to go wrong with them.
  4. Thanks guys, I most likely will buy those Cougar LED fans.
    Any other suggestions?
  5. If it was for a radiator, I would say Scythe Gentle Typhoons. They are still considered by many to be the standard for radiator cooling. Yate Loon fans had a popular following, but I think they are hard to get a hold of. *shrugs*
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